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    Issue has officially been resolved. Thank you for all of the help!

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    This thread is about a year and a half old, but still valid at least for me. I have a similar problem with random freezes, which only appear to affect the graphics. I have occasional random horizontal lines on the screen of my MBP, Model A1150, and the picture freezes, but nothing else seems to be affected. The other day, for example, I was watching a Youtube film and the sound continued after the picture froze. Also after a freeze I cannot call up the MBP from my Mac Mini, which I wanted to do to see if the graphics were frozen for screen sharing also.

    I had very nearly ordered a new logic board from iFixit, since the graphics card is not a separate item, but having read this thread, I changed my order to just get the tools. I'll take a look for 'goop' or any other oddities on the logic board before going all out and buying a new one.

    Thanks for all the tips I found in this thread. Be interesting to see what results I get when I get my tools.

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    Re:Re: A1150 freezes
    same here. after two years or so my macbook pro began freezing randomly and some line'age on itunes and other various video formats. Rolling through the magnified docking bar and sometimes during genie effect i get the lock up and have to reboot. took it to a apple repair place and they said logic board. so after an arm and a leg a new board went in and it was fine. two years later it seems it began again, still to this day. i do not hear any fans on, i use a laptop cooler lapdesk thingy to keep it cool. just found this page. logic boards are still expensive, even for an old laptop with a max out of 2gb of ram.


    okay iStat Pro says right and left fan are pretty much at 1000rpms, even though i cant hear them. i guess i am trying to hear a fan like i heard it on the old titanium oynx M8407

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