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    Macbook without power source problem
    I love my macbook when its connected to the mains power source, but as soon as I take it off it just slows down completely, video's are virtually unwatchable. I presume this is down to the energy saving settings but the only ones available on my 10.6.3 system preferences are ones to do with screen dimming and sleep modes.
    I think the problem is the processor is under clocking when on battery to save power but if it is possible I want to turn this off so I can enjoy my macbook to the full, any ideas?


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    I haven't noticed any major slowdowns when operating from battery but then I don't watch videos or stream music during that time. As far as the energy saving settings are concerned, there isn't an option to run the CPU at 100% when on battery. The only energy savings options which are available that you can change are for the display and hard drive.

    You didn't mention which year model MacBook you have. If you have a MBP with the dual graphic processors, leaving the setting on the hi end GPU even when on battery will improve performance. However, that will also deplete the battery more quickly.


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