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Thread: TiBook screen problem

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    TiBook screen problem
    I have an 800 MHz Titanium Powerbook and today the screen's backlight stopped working. I suspect it's the backlight because if I shine a light source on the screen, I can see what's there.

    When I wake the computer from sleep or reboot, the screen works briefly, then flickers and dies. When the computer's been off for awhile, the screen will stay lit for 15 - 20 seconds, though it's flickering. Then it goes black.

    Has anyone had an experience like this? I'm hoping that it may be something that I can replace other than the screen.... the expense of a new screen is something I can't afford but I use my computer for my work (I work for myself).


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    I have that exact problem except that the backlight wire had been severed when the hinge broke. Did you ever come up with a fix for it?

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