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    Question Macbook 1,1 Power related Issues
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum as a poster, although I've been coming here for guidance for as long as I've had my MacBook.

    I have a white MacBook 1,1 [2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo] with some hardware issues and I'm running Snow Leopard [if this matters].

    I've read about similar issues before but I've looked about everywhere I can and I'm just trying to not have to buy a new Mac for just the last year of college.

    1. About a year ago I began to have issues intermittently, where the computer would crash when unplugging the power cable [with the battery reading (Charged 100%)].
    2. After a couple of months the computer would no longer start on battery power, and would crash as soon as power cable was disconnected, even though battery is still reading a full charge.
    3. I researched the problem and I believed I needed a new battery.
    4. Bought a replacement battery and it worked great for a couple of weeks until the same issues arose, leading me to think that it was and is not a battery issue but something else.
    5. 7 months later I'm still having to live with my MacBook as if it were a desktop, and if it were as powerful as an iMac I wouldn't mind, but frankly it is nowhere close.
    6. Another note is that when I have it closed and in Sleep mode, I can unplug it without a crash but if I open it while it is unplugged, then it will crash instantly.
    7. Also, as soon as I plug it back in after an unplug-crash, it automatically starts up.

    What I've already done to try to fix the situation:
    1. Yes, I've tried resetting the SMC and PRAM with no change, positive or negative.
    2. I mentioned the battery thing earlier.
    3. Can't remember any more at the moment.

    Any Ideas?

    Any help/suggestions at all is greatly appreciated!!!

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    Welcome to the Forum. Have u tried adding a new User and logging in there and testing to see if the fault happens there as well.

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    i'll try that and get back in a few minutes

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    same thing happens. I checked to see if it still happened when I boot to Windows, and yes, unplugging it still has the same effect [stays on for roughly 1-3 seconds then goes black, no sound]

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    It sounds like you're DC input board or maybe even the logic board itself has issues. You've pretty much done all you could to trouble shoot it. I'm assuming the machine is no longer in warranty or Apple care? Having it looked at by an Apple repair center and getting an estimate for repairs is something you might think about. If it turns out to a board problem, it's going to cost more than the machine is worth.


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    Thanks I'll definitely do that when I get the chance.

    Now its Airport is being finicky too, cutting in and out of the only network available with no router or ethernet issues...

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