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    idiot alert! busted "a" key on macbook !!! helllllllllp!
    so, my name is Natalie but since I busted my "a" key you get this deliciously funny username. I can't type with it at all, the squishee thing fell off & I tried poking the metal bit to see if that did anything and no dice. This is my fault, I know that since I haven't cleaned it in so long. so is this hopeless since it seems that it doesn't even register when I press on the metal bit?

    you can get keyboard replacements but I am worried the censors to the "a" key are kaput. sooo maybe my best bet is just to buy a usb keyboard? the a key is crucial & I can't be pressing paste forever when I want to write.

    thx so much!

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    You can buy a replacement keyboard at iFixit: The free repair manual. They also have the step by step instructions on how to replace it. You'll need your model number in order to find the correct keyboard at ifixit.


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    Try calling your local Apple Store (if you're lucky enough to live near one) and see what they say. My MBP was one month out of the initial 1-year warranty when my "R" key broke off and they replaced it for free. It took less than 5 minutes. I got lucky, they had an extra set of keys in the back cause someone had to replace a different key on their Mac that same week. At least call them and see what they can do for you.
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