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Thread: Finder acting weird?

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    Finder acting weird?
    Today I installed a software update for javascript,. through the software updater. Since doing so (though I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be the cause) finder has been acting weird. First, it would stay 'on top' so if I opened safari and tryed to type anything in the searchbar, it would use them as keyboard shortcuts for finder and was opening all sorts of fun stuff. Now, finder doesn't necessarily stay on top but it seems to think everything I'm doing is keyboard shortcuts, opening in the finder menu... Other odd things I've noticed is that typing 'w' will close the top window. The decrease sound button works, however, the increase sound button does not. Whenever I click on an icon in my dock, it opens the applications folder through finder, instead of just opening the application. Clicking on the icon in the applications folder opens it, but I cannot type anything in any of the searchbars etc, and when I try it just thinks they're shortcuts and start opening things.

    I have tried rebooting twice, tried relaunching finder through the force quit menu. I've also tried going to keyboard/mouse settings and 'restoring defaults'.

    Other than that, I'm at a complete loss. I have NO idea how to fix this, nor am I computer whiz.

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    I installed the same update last night and everything is normal. It could be that the update corrupted something or was corrupt itself. Or, the problems you're experiencing could be coincidental. Have you recently installed any other software or plugins?

    Do you have a backup, Time Machine perhaps? If you do, restore from backup and then download the java update again. If you have not been making backups, you might try to download the combined update for your version of OS X. That may fix it.


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    Thanks... Though I think I've come to the conclusion that the apple key is just constantly depressed - or it thinks it is. I have taken off both of them, and neither seem to be broken or working incorrectly. Cleaning hasn't helped.

    Also, I've discovered that when I push the delete button, it increases the volume. Something is just broken, and it looks like I'll have to take it for repairs.

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