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    softwares for new powerbook
    I am going to get a powerbook by the end of this month.A little concern about softwares, such as Adobe stuffs,office,I mean those essential ones.I can get the education discount from acedemic superstore,$369 for Adobe Creative suite, but still cost a lot.Recently,heard from my friends about, which selling many popular tittles, only $50 bucks for the same Adobe creative suites.I have not any experiences,sounds ok cause they provide serial numbers. My only concern is how the programes can be activated since Adobe stuffs need some kind of activation based on your hardware.Any guys have experiences?

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    with my exeperience there is no activation, i have photoshop that my school paid for, but don't use warez its illegal
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    Warez is stolen...I wouldnt reccomend that for two obvious reasons.

    1. Legal
    2. Ethical

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