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    Transfer PC HDD to MBP?
    Hello, I need help!

    Please any advice will be helpful and appreciated.

    I am planning to get the MacBook Pro any day now, which has an Harddrive of 320gb Serial ATA drive @ 5400rpm.

    My present computer has just crashed, which was an HP and so I need to transfer everything onto my new MacBook Pro.
    My computer techy friend told me that I can transfer all my information
    the internal Hard Drive Disk (from HP) onto the new MacBook Pro? Install it.

    Im just wondering if that is possible to do?

    Or would I have to transfer everything onto an external hard-drive from my HP and then from the external hard-drive transfer again to the new MacBook Pro?

    If that is the case, I would have to get external drive, which I dont have.
    Which one would be recommended to get?

    I'm planning to have Final Cut Pro, Final Draft (screenwriting software),
    download music on the MacBook Pro.

    How big of an external drive would I need if it is not possible to transfer the HDD from the PC computer onto MacBook Pro?

    Thanks much!

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    If you buy a new MBP and install Windows on it, (dual boot) then you will be able to install your Windows programs on the Mac. Notice I said install because you can not copy Windows programs from one machine to another due to the registry. However, documents, photos, music, some data, can be transferred directly.

    And yes, the easiest way to transfer files is to use a flash drive or an external drive. Since you can't transfer programs anyway, a flash drive will work well.

    Some advice about programs in general: Unless you're strapped for cash, it's best to buy the Mac equivalent rather than install Windows on your new Mac. Windows can be installed via VM software or using the free Boot Camp utility. However, either way you must use a separate licensed copy of Windows.


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