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    Steam on Mac
    I don't know how many of you are PC users or have been in the past ... But I grew up using PC's and specifically playing Valve games on the Steam platform (even before steam was around) such as Half Life, HL2, CS, CSS, DoD, TF2, Portal, Left 4 Dead.

    Well 2 years ago I bought my MacBook and havent looked back haven't touched my pc but 2 times in these 2 years and I have missed Steam like crazy!
    2 Days ago steam made my wettest dreams come true when they released their software for OSX

    I was very curious how well it would run and more importantly how my
    13.3" 2.4 Core 2 Duo w/ 4GB of 667 DDR2 SDRAM
    would run my favorite games.

    Obviously I didn't expect anything amazing coming from integrated graphics but was hoping the powerful processor and ram would compensate.

    The only real game available for the Mac at the moment is portal. Which I am sad to report is barely playable on my machine. I do not remember the command to show fps but I have to guess its approx 20 w/ everything on low.

    I am hoping that CSS and CS will run better since they are far older and less demanding games. I will keep updating this post as more and more games are released for our beloved OSX!
    My first apple product is this White 2.4 Mac Book I bought on September 25, 2008!

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    15.4" MacBook Pro - 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, Geforce 9600M GT 512MB, 320GB HDD @ 7200rpm
    To get your fps, enable the developer console and type in the command
    cl_showfps 1
    It's great to see Steam and Valve games in particular being ported over to the Mac platform. It shows that the legitimacy brought by the Intel based architecture that has attracted so many new users is here to stay, and that game developers are starting to recognize that.

    I have a slightly newer rig...downloaded Portal yesterday and it runs beautifully.

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    1.8 GHz i7 MBA 11" OSX 10.8.2
    I am showing 20 fps while moving around 30 fps when standing still. It still looks good though. I am on a 2.8GHz 17" MBP mid 2009 running at 1920x1200 resolution - default other settings.

    Although I am stoked about having steam on my Mac - it shows me all my games including the ones I have on my PC - which makes me want to play those games. Cool thing though is they have it buy once play on either platform.

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