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    Unhappy HELP! My Power Book
    Okay my first powerbook had all kinds of kernal panics so it was replaced a week after I bought it, it was bought on 09/15 and then end of september I got it replaced end of the month. Unfortunately from the start it wouldn't sleep when the lid was closed. The apple care sent me box and I sent it away last week and got it today. It went to sleep when lid was closed first time I tired but it wont any more. I sat on hold with Apple Care for 30 minutes then I waited to speak to product specialist. The guy was okay and told me I had 2 options, keep it for now or send back to apple and they would totally replace sleep switch. I need this for school and cant really keep sending it in. This is ridiculous because this is my second Power Book in less then a month which in my opnion is pretty sad. The Apple Store were I got it said bring it in and have Mac Genius look at it. They will just say to send it in. At this point I just want it freaking replaced. At first I bought a Ibook at the beginning of september I bought an Ibook but ended up trading it in to upgrade to powerbook. So at this point my mom is totally sick driving me to Apple Store and I am pretty much sick of Apple right now . I plan to go to Night of Panther with my dad and will bring it there then to have looked out at Genius Bar. Any Advice? I am starting to get really fusturated, I need to use this every day at school.

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    ive never had a problem with the sleep button on my powerbook which is a couple months older than yours

    first i would check to make sure the settings are set to go to sleep when the lid is closed
    if not then bring it to the apple store

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    Thanks for the reply. Miracously is went to sleep today when lid was closed. I shut it down and just turned back on now, It wont sleep now! What setting tells to sleep if lid is closed. I never had to change any thing before. Its werid that somtimes it will sleep and wont other times.

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