I've just recieved my new isight, much fun to be had. But during installation i accidently let the magnetic stand rest on my iBook. This happened before i had a chance to realise it was magnetic and i think it landed right above the hard drive (to the left of the trackpad right?)
At first i thought i got away with it, nothing crashed so i thught it was ok. But then i tried to change my screensaver and the whole system locked up when i clicked the display icon. It was then that i heard the hard drive making a strange ticking noise, something i've never heard before.
So i held down the power button and restarted. The same thing happened when i tried the display icon again
So i quickly tried to back up some of my newer files (the rest i already have backed up) but the computer locks up when attempting to access certain files (the same ones each time), and along comes the same ticking noise.

So i figure it must be a hard drive problem, i tried repairing permsissions and although it now lets me access the display prefs I still can't get to some files.

Where do i go from here. I could try a clean install if it's just the files that are corrupted, or i could take it to apple store to see if they would replace hard drive if it's totally broken (i'm still under warranty)

I'm reluctant to clean install because although it may fix the prob temporarily, if the hard drive is corrupted in just small areas then it may be a while before i access these parts again and the problem returns.

So what should i do?