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    backup/extra storage options
    I'm buying a 15" PB in a week or so, and I'm planning on getting the base 80gb hdd with it, since I don't feel that an extra 20gb is worth $90 (with student discount). However, I do a lot of photo work, which means that I need a lot of storage space. I don't want to burn DVDs of everything and access the files that way since it's slow to do. I have two main options: back up/store files on my desktop (200gb 7200rpm hdd) and keep what I need on my PB, or buy an external hdd or cheap internal hdd and a cheap external case for my PB. Which of these makes sense overall, factoring all perspectives in (cost, convenience, functionality, etc)? Thanks. :headphone

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    What I personally did for myself, I got an external enclosure kit and bought an internal hard drive. I think that this great in the long run, because internals are cheaper than externals. Every time you buy an external, you are just paying for the external case every time. But at least for the external enclosure kit, if you out grow the present HD, you can go out and get another internal HD, which once again is cheaper than the externals.

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    Does anyone have any recommendations for external HDs? Not that I really need it now..but I possibly will be looking into it in the future..

    You can have it set up on a network and have two computers use it right? I'm guessing you just set it up like you were sharing a normal HD on another computer?

    I wouldn't want something ridiculously big, Maybe another 80-100 GB.

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    I have a 160 gb LaCie Porsche Firewire drive hooked up to my iMac. I can eaisly access it through my airport network on my Powerbook by connecting to it as a share as I would the internal drive for my iMac. When it mounts, it looks as if it were connected directly to my computer, just without the speed of firewire (it's the 54 mbps airport speed).

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