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    SHould i wait to buy my Powerbook
    Hey guys. Im new to the whole apple thing, and so i decided to get a 15inch pwrbook. im getting it for school, but im not sure if i should get it now, or wait till school starts, just in case theres any updates in the computer. Your thoughts appreciated. I tried an apple, and im not going back :p

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    It depends, do you want to get use to it over the summer or just go ahead and get it now.... I doubt they will update over the summer but if you feel like it go for it and wait, but you don't have to.

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    well i heard that each update to the PB line is from 8-9 months. SO far its been 5 months since they relesed the new PB, so i might wait till school satrts in mid-august. however i wont know nothing about how to use it, since ive used windows my whole life. But i was playing with the macs over at CompUSA, and i thoguht it was pretty cool. especially that widgets thing

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    The new line is barely out. 3 weeks ago, Apple released the new G4 1.67Ghz processors and Tiger OS on the range. The new updates are due before christmas. Just go and buy now!

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    I would get one now for the sole fact that, if you have any problems then you will be able to get it fixed and that wont interfere with school. The day after I got my powerbook I had to send it off to be serviced for a new keyboard. Im not saying this will happen to yours or that macs are bad, I just happened to be part of the .01% unlucky people to have a problem with theirs. If I would have waiting until right before school started to get mine and had this problem, I would have been 5 days without a computer, since my major is graphic design, 5 days without my computer just cant happen. I would say go ahead and get it now, learn how to use it, get used to it, and if something happens it wont interfere with anything but summer.

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    That a good point PunkRockTuba has made.
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    Why wait? If you worried about the intel switch thats just silly. A ton of apps are out now that work well. More will be released for years to come. Think of all the PPC based Macs that are used today. Thats a huge market. Developers will not just stop making things for all of us. In the least we will see universal binaries for years after the switch. It not hard to do. I've even played with it some in the new xtools.

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