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    MBP boot problem
    Hi all,

    I tried to search for this using the search field but couldn't find anything so I am posting this problem with hopes for a solution.

    Essentially, once a month my hard drive corrupts and even after using Disk Utility via the Leopard disc, has to be restored via Time Machine.

    This usually occurs after I have been carrying it around in a backpack for several hours during shoots.

    From what I have read on the forums here, it is indicative of a failing hard drive and needs to be replaced.

    But my issue is I have a Bootcamp partition with Windows 7 that runs perfectly fine during all this. It has been a life saver as I can transfer files via Windows and not lose any important information.

    I was just wondering if a failing hard drive would still be able to boot to Windows. And if not, I was hoping for a possible solution to my problem.

    Thanks for reading this.



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    Not withstanding, the best solution is to just replace the hard drive. Sooner or later it will fail completely and it won't matter whether it can boot to Windows 7 or not. Backup your data now and plan on swapping the drive for a new one.

    There is software available for copying (cloning) the hard drive contents to an external, and also software for making a copy of your Windows 7 partition. Swapping hard drives is not difficult and with the proper software you can be up and running again in a short time.

    Cloning applications: SuperDuper (shareware), Carbon Copy Cloner (donation ware)

    Clone Boot Camp partition: WinClone (freeware)


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