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    Screen randomly starts to slowly turn white
    Lately I've been experiencing this problem with my MacBook and I was hoping someone here could help me out. Like the title of the thread says, the screen just randomly starts to slowly turn white. It only seems to happen when the screen is open at certain angles and when it does happen all I have to do is tilt the screen back a little and it goes back to normal. However, I'm still worried because I don't know why it's doing this all of a sudden and I don't want it to get worse...

    Below are pics of what it looks like.



    If I haven't described anything clear enough feel free to ask.

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    From your description of the problem, it might be the video cable that's binding or loose. Tilting can change the tension and thus either partially disconnect it or reseat it depending on the direction of the tilt.

    Is your MacBook still under warranty or Apple care? If it is, make an appointment with the genius bar and have them look at it.


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    My old imac g4, the one that looked like a lamp did this. It turned green over time. I bought the applecare right before my alotted time expired, apple replaced the cable from the video out to the screen. Never did it again.

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    Thanks chscag, unfortunately I don't think it's under warranty anymore but I'll see what they say.

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    Have you taken it apart/replaced the screen before? My white '07 MB did something similar, only it was the backlight that would quit. I'd say chscag is right on with his diagnosis. Even if it's not under Apple Care, most of the screen connection parts can be had fairly inexpensively. ifixit has tutorials for installing it yourself (as well as everything else you would ever want to do to your Mac's insides).
    Just a stupid kid with a computer, so take my advice with a grain of salt if that makes a difference to you.

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