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    logic board/ battery problems
    I was reciently given a macbook pro 13" by a friend whos little boy had spilled milk in it. I got a new logic for it from ebay, changing it from a 2.53 to the 2.26 speeds. Everything works just great on it right now except for the battery. Before I replaced the logic board the battery fuel gauge worked like its supposed to and when the power adapter was plugged in it charged the battery up from 50% to 100%. After installing the new board the battery does not work. The computer will only turn on and boot up with the power cord hooked up. Also, the battery fuel gauge doesnt light up and in the status board it says no batteries available. I did make sure that it was all hooked up correctly, but still no luck. Is there a software/rom/bios (i know they technically dont use bios) update that can be done to possibly restore its ability to use the battery? Or is the logic board that I got bad?


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    It could be the Logic board or also it could be a bad connection between the battery and the board. Do the battery contacts mount directly on the board?

    I had a similar problem with a Macbook a while back, I ended getting rid of it because it was too much hassle.

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