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    macbook pro cooling pad
    Hi all,

    Recently I bought a macbook Pro 13 inch, its the first time I use an Apple and I love it.

    Im recording and mixing a bit of music on the Macbook and I notice it gets hot after a while.
    Soon I will use the Macbook to play music on a party and Im a little worried to bumb into heat problems.

    Anyway, what I would like to know is what the best cooling pad solution is for the Macbook pro, as I understand most cooling pads are useless because the Macbook has no air holes/fans at the bottom.

    So whats the best cooling solution?

    Thanks in advance

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    Although it isn't directly drawing the air in - it still helps with keeping it cool. Plus it keeps the hot exhaust from blowing directly on your leg. I've seen my temperature drop a few degrees by using a chill pad. With the 13" there are plenty of pads out there that will work. I have been using the targus brand with very good results. Many of those have dual fans.
    Cooling | by Targus

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