Hello guys,

first of all let me say that I believe that I read all your posts about this problem, but I think I would be able to had something and maybe to stimulate your curiosity.

Usual problem as many described, space bar, arrows and backdelete are not working. If I press FN they work for a while but they stop.

Now the interesting bit, I believe that somehow it is an issue with some USB driver, let me explain. After that I plugged in and out (normal daily use) a printer, a scanner, a usb modem "magically" the keyboard went back working as normal, but as soon as I plugged in a PEN DRIVE, which i use to share data btw work (all windows XP) and home the keyboard stopped working again. Same thing happened before a sometime ago but with a mouse shared btw work and home.

So my guess is that the pen driver mess some other drivers (keyboard). As I said I even tried to do a fresh install of Snow leopard, but I had no luck.

Anybody willing to fix this issue once and for all.

Cheers and many thanks in advanced.