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    Questions before buying macbook PRO
    Hello all,

    I plan on purchasing the new MBP 13" when the back to school promotion starts. As such, i have a few questions that i need answered:

    1) Does the new MBP 13" support SATA II 3.0 gb/sec? I know that the older versions support 1.5gb/sec. The reason i am asking is because i plan on putting an SSD in it, and will adjust my SSD purchase accordingly, with respect to the SATA interface on the new MBP

    2) How do i get OS X on the SSD? This is assuming i do not want to use the hard drive that comes with the macbook pro. I plan on purchasing an aftermarket SSD. Therefore, does the MBP come with an OS X installation CD? Or how would i go about this?


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    1. Yes.

    2. Yes but you could always just use Carbon Copy or a similar program.
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    1) As long as it's a 2.5 inch laptop drive with an SATA connector then yes, it will work.

    2) some people with SSDs from what i read will set up the mbp then clone the drive to the SSD using provided software and cables, but if you don't want to go that route i believe you can install it then format the SSD within the disk utilities through the snow leopard disc

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