Hi everyone

Sorry if I am repeating old posts but I didn't want to piggyback on someone else's, its sort of a different problem.

My Macbook (Intel core 2 duo early 2007) suddenly stopped booting, so I ran diskwarrior after disk utility told me I had to erase the hard drive. I ran diskwarrior and managed to retrieve the files I needed but it wasn't able to replace the old directory that was corrupt.

After I did this I restarted to reboot off the install disk to run disk utility to erase the disk but the disk wouldn't show up, even though it had been showing up in both disk utility and diskwarrior 20 minutes beforehand.

I've also took out the hard drive and reinserted it to make sure it was in properly but that hasn't worked either. If anyone could give me any suggestions that would be a great help.