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    iChat logging on automatically....?
    I have a new G4 powerbook with Tiger, wireless internet, and I use iChat. Now, I have found that I'll be logged on iChat, and when I close the powerbook, I'm logged off. That's okay; I expect that. Then when I open the book again, I'm not automatically logged on.

    Optimally, I would really like to just be automatically logged onto iChat whenever I open the laptop and be available to receive messages. I'm lazy...I know. But anyway, is that possible? And if it's possible, can you explain to me how I can do it?

    Oh, and while we're talking about IM clients...anyone want to tell me which program they use and why they choose it over another? Because I've been looking in Adium or Gaim if iChat doesn't cut it for me.

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    I actually use aim... I use it because it has many of the features of aim for windows, it logs in when i open my computer/log in....and it saves logs of all my chats (if you want it to, i happen to like that)

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    Oh, I wasn't even thinking about AIM. Another one to consider. Thanks for the input.

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    go with aduim,only downside is that you cant change font color or back round color when putting up an away message and file transfers kinda werid and is down and i dont think it will ever be back up

    oo yes dose anyone know how to actually stay signed on while the laptops closed?! neye:

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