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    Renaming computer dangers?
    What can go wrong with renaming your computer (System Preferences>Sharing)? I'm NOT talking about the short name - that's a whole other set of issues. But for example, I use Sandvox for my web site and it seems like since I changed the name (Apple named it "test" because my hard drive bit it and upon reinstalling the OS they just gave the computer a name - although I was fortunate enough to get it replaced for free even beyond warranty "due to a range of hard drives not performing up to Apple standards", it doesn't show media that I've put in there. BTW, I went to the Apple Store to ask them about renaming my computer because I had seen some things come up as "test" and the guy didn't mention any problems this might create. Other issues that this will cause?


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    You mean changing your system's hostname? It won't matter one bit to anything. You're safe if that's what you mean!

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