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    Liquid damage....Advice needed!
    Hello all,

    This is the situation, recently my mac book pro (early 2008) has begun to behave strangely. Failing to boot cutting off times it would work others it wouldn't. As I could see no obvious cause for this damage (such as i dropping it) I sent it to a local repair canter under my apple warranty. Soon after i got a call back from the repair man who told me that after inspection I could not claim on my warranty as the problem was caused by liquid damage (he believes coffee). He told me that a small chip on my logic board had corroded and that the whole logic board would need to be replaced and quoted me a total cost of around £1000!

    Now heres the catch I have not split ANY liquid on my machine, let alone coffee which neither I or anyone I live with drinks!. Also I only just got the laptop repaired (about a month ago), when I slipped on the ice, in that incident I had to have the that bottom case, top case and screen clamshell replaced but there was no hardware damage. This damage was covered under my insurance and when I contacted them again about this new damage they said that I should claim under the warranty of my previous repair as I don't believe that I caused this damage so it is therefor not suitable for an accidental damage claim.

    Currently I am negotiating with the insurers and repair company. As i believe that this liquid damage happened while the laptop was in their possession. Consequently i am asking if anyone could give some advice for this situation and anyway i could prove the damage was not caused by me. ...... How long would it take a chip on a logic board to corrode? Is a month long enough for this damage to occur and if not should this of been detected in the initial repair?

    In a recent advancement the repair company agreed to take responsibility for the damage if the liquid sensors on the inner side the top and bottom case (replaced during previous repair) indicate that there had been no exposure to liquid after they had been fitted. However I later found out that this is only a feature of the new mac book pro model.

    Sorry for the long post,

    Many thanks for any advice for this difficult situation.

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    Hi Clarissa and welcome to the forum:

    I don't believe there's much I or anyone else here can advise you in addition to what you've already done. You seem to have taken all the right steps to get this rectified. About the only thing I would recommend is be persistent until it gets resolved.

    By the way, damage from corrosion (coffee, coke, etc) can occur very rapidly
    on a circuit board. Most consumer products that have electronic circuit boards are not protected very well from corrosion or any kind of liquid spills. You'll only find that type of protection in military and heavy commercial use equipment.


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    Yup, just keep pushing until something good happens

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