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    Battery not charging
    So, I left on a two week trip with my macbook not on the charger, screen closed, and with some battery power. When I returned from my trip the battery was out of power (expected) but when I plugged it in it has refused to charge. The plug in jack has the green light, not orange and the symbol in the top of the screen says its plugged in but battery is at 0%. When I click the drop down it says "battery is not charging." The little green lights on the battery itself are not lit up and the battery is properly attached to the computer. As a side note, I often times take the battery out when I am watching movies or working at my desk. Im not sure if this makes a difference . Before the trip the battery was in great shape, it would hold a charge for at least a couple of hours. So, it doesn't seem logical that it would just crap the bed from sitting for two weeks.

    Any Ideas, your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Check the connections on the computer and the power adapter. If any of the pins are damaged, that might be what's lighting up the green light but not the orange one. That's pretty weird though. If you're still under Apple Care, you should probably take it in. I can't think of any user-caused damage that would cause that to happen, so you should be fine on that end.

    There's also a possibility the battery is shot, although I can't imagine how it would have just gone and not given you any notice. If you happen to have a friend with the same model Macbook or feel like picking up an extra battery on eBay (I think they come pretty cheap, assuming you have an older MB), that might be worth a shot first.
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    I have had this to, however I have just un-plugged the lead and plugged it back in and it begins to charge.

    However this does not explain why it does it in the first place

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