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    Angry .exe files
    I recently purchased a Curves franchise and I have to watch a million training Cd ROM's. They have certain requirements that you need on your computer. It is an exe file. the requirements are:

    1.5 GHz
    Memory 512 MB
    hard drive 40 GB
    Video Dedicated video card preffered
    browser IE 6

    I downloaded internet explorer because the CD Rom says i had to do that to, but it is still not working!!! I dont know what to do...

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    EXE files and IE are exclusive to Windows. There are a few options for you. You could install Windows in a virtualization product such as VMWare, Parallels or VirtualBox or install it through Boot Camp. Note that both of these require that you already have a copy of Windows. Your other option is to use something like Wine which will emulate parts of Windows but may not work. Do you have a copy of Windows?
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