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Thread: Ibook Ac Adapter problem oooor...??

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    Ibook Ac Adapter problem oooor...??
    I have a clamshell ibook (the 300mhz, G3 kind).
    My prob is my ac adapter light keeps turning off. I'm already considering buying a replacement "yo-yo" adapter cause it looks a bit burnt. The cord is a dark greenish color at the head of the plug. I know that's a sign I need a new one. But i'm not sure if that's where the problem is really at... or if it's an internal problem??? I have to press the plug in for the light to blink on again.... sometimes it blinks on, sometimes it doesn't.... sometimes even without me touching it, it turns on, on it's own... or off. doh! The actual "hole".. outlet (????) when I put the ac plug in, it sort of wiggles... I can't remember if that's normal? I remember some years ago when my "yo-yo" broke (the cord that is) the hole wiggled, but once I got a new "yo-yo" it worked fine again.

    Any ideas what it could be?
    thanks in advance. :flower:

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    Sounds like the adapter is borked. Mine came with a broken adapter with the burnt section you described.

    All it could do was make pretty sparks and try and fry my hand.

    I found it hard to get ahold of another yo-yo adapter for my 300mhz clamshell. So had to get a powerbook adapter. The older powerbook adapters are compatable with the clamshell and they dont have that burning the cable out problem as far as I know.

    But they are a lot more cumbersome, as they use a kettle cable.

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    My power kept cutting on and off with my powerbook and it escalated to the cable splitting, sparks shooting out of it, followed by it igniting into flames. I have attached a photo:

    Now when I confronted a manager at an apple store, he gave me a run around like it was not a big deal that my computer could of burnt down my house. He also made a keen observation of if a wire is "crimped" enough it will split. He repeated the word "crimp" many times as a reason for the small flame. A laptop computer is one that is portable, and being a student I do not see myself worrying that every time I plug my computer in and out, there is a chance that it will start on fire. And if you are like me, an art student with a lot of debts, the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for apple care is impossible. There was no fine print anywhere in manuals stating that use of the product for its portability may result in fire.

    Eventually me standing there with an annoyed face and repeating "burn my house down" got him to replace. He did so however without paperwork. Wether or not he did me a favor, my attitude changed from just wanting a new cable to if I know of other cases where sparking occurred just in my circle of friends, it must mean there are others out there. I think that more people should speak out rather than simply using their apple care to obtain new cables.

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