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    Late 2009 Unibody Macbook Pro - Win 7 - Wireless Network
    I can't connect to a wireless network from my MBP with Windows 7/Bootcamp. I know about the problems with drivers, but the driver is there - Broadcomm 801.n and I can open and use the windows to connect to wireless networks, but cannot establish a connection. I can connect with other notebooks and my iPod Touch, so the network is working. Are there any issues with the wireless, Windows 7 and the MBP?

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    First... you're posting this in the wrong forum but let's see if we can help...

    There are no issues that I know of with wireless, MBP, and Win 7. Usually Windows is easier to setup and get running wireless than OS X.

    Some questions that may help:

    Are you sure the correct driver is installed for your wireless card? Can you open Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager, expand the tree, and see the card? Right click card, select properties. It should say "This device is working properly".

    Did you open Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center, and run the new connection wizard? (Connect to a network) How about the trouble shooting wizard?

    Are you using encryption from the router? If so, turn it off for test purposes until the connection is established.

    Let us know.


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    Sorry - wrong forum
    I just realized after I posted it was the wrong forum.

    Anyways, I turned the router ssid to be discoverable and it connected. Not sure if it hand anything to do with it though.

    In Windows 7, I can't directly choose the connection and then specify WEP or WPA - the interface is not obvious so not sure if that's it either.

    Windows 7 in this respect blows. The OS X interface is so much easier in terms of connecting to wifi.

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    I've been having problems with my airport with not giving out DHCP automatically. So my fix was I set my DHCP up myself with my own IP addresses and bam connects just fine. Not too sure why my DHCP will only automatically give out addresses sometimes but maybe your router is having the same problem? I've had a few issues as well connecting to a linksys router as well but I think its the router side not your side which is the problem.

    I would try to connect to different networks and see if you connect ok or not.
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