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    Just joined tonight and have a lot of questions about Macbooks. Never have had one or really messed with one other than the stores.

    I am thinking about purchasing one and just need a lot of direction on what info to look at, where to buy and just overall if it's really worth all that everyone's said they are.

    I know I want a Macbook and not a Macbook Air because of the price on the Air. What sites are good info sites for this or even magazines to read. Also, is a refurb as good or which place should I look to buy...eBay, Apple, or are there others out there.

    Thanks for all the help. My email is if you have any long input.


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    Welcome to the site and Macs.

    I was in the same boat as your until about a month ago I picked up my first mac in about 15 years.

    Coming from the PC side of the house its hard to justify to yourself spending $1000 bucks for a low end Mac when you can go to Best Buy and buy a killer PC for the same price.

    Its all about the experience, software, quality and reliability.

    I have a Macbook Air and have had no issues and It will run XP and Windows 7 better than my Dell Desktop will.

    I went with a used Mac Air cause the price was right and the pricepoint of a used machine is easier to swallow. With the economy as bad as it is you can get great deals on macs on Craigslist.

    I just put mine up for sale or trade on CL, Im trying to move to a Mac Pro and thats only to gain a dedicated input and output audio jack.

    There are great deals on refurbs, the deals change alittle every day. Most days you can get a white Macbook for 850 or a 13in Macbook Pro for 999.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, spidermanroach!

    The best deals are likely to be on your local craigslist, I have seen some MacBook Pros going for $500 because the owners "got it for Christmas". If you do buy from Craigslist, make sure you check out the computer and use it before purchasing. The computer could have something wrong with it and you'll be stuck with a $600 paper weight.

    The most reliable purchase you can make is from Apple. All their Macs (refurbished and new) are guaranteed to work and have a 1 year warranty on them. Sometimes there are great deals, such as a free iPod Touch if you are a student.

    This website will probably be your best source of information regarding your Mac. You can use the search tool (found at the top of the website) to find almost anything you wish to learn about Macs. If you have any questions that aren't answered through your research, feel free to ask them on this forum.

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