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    Angry Optical drive won't read certain cd's and dvd's
    Macbook Pro 15", 2.53GHZ, MAT****A DVD-R UJ-868:

    Hi there, I love my MacBook Pro, but I've been having the most annoying time ever lately as it won't read copied/backup cd's and dvd's. Also, I have a load of images saved on a dvd disc, when I insert it my drive reads it and it shows on my desktop, when I open it in finder it shows absolutely nothing on there and I know it has all the images on there coz I checked them in a windows PC??? Please help ANYONE!

    Secondly, I'm starting to think my optical drive might be screwed? Can anyone recommend a better and more importantly RELIABLE new drive I can purchase to replace my current mat****a drive if I can't fix the above problem??

    Please help anyone??

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    You have hit the nail with the failed optical drive. For starters try one of the commercially available cleaning discs and see if that improves things, otherwise sounds like a new drive coming up. All laptop drives, being slot operated, are a lot less reliable than say a desktop tray drive and from there it is a matter of luck, but Pioneer do have a good name.

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    Thanks for the advice. It's such a pitty though, coz everything else is really great, but it sort of makes it all pointless when it's the most simple things like reading a cd/dvd and burning which you can't do!! I've heard that using cd cleaners may damage your drive? But if it's not working in the first place I guess it can't do any harm as I'm probably going to have to replace it anyway.

    And pioneer you say? Thanks I'll take a look. I don't want anything fancy at all, just something that actually works and that I can rely on.


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