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    Question How fast is a macbook (2GB/Core 2 duo) compared with other laptops?

    I want to know what is the comparison in performance wise the white macbook with core 2 duo, 2GB against a Windows Vista running laptop using 2GB, same using a intel core 2 duo.

    I currently have a sony vaio with just that and wanting to buy a macbook with 2GB, core 2 duo so wondering if there is any significant difference in speed & performance?


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    It's really tough to say. Two different OS's...and it depends what tasks you need the computer to do.

    The best approach is to get your hands on the Macintosh laptop you're interested in (Apple Store, Best Buy, etc.)...and see if it feels fast enough to you.

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    I agree with pigoo3.

    There are a few tidbits we can help you with, though. Windows Vista is a notorious resources hog. I have it on two PCs, and they run fine, but they have 4 gigs of ram in them. I wouldn't really touch vista with less than 3, but some do. Now, with windows 7, they've scaled it back down just about on par with OSX. I believe they both take about a gig of resources.

    Now, startup and shutdown times are a massive increase from vista to OSX (don't know about win7). Both of our PCs, which are fast and well maintained, take a very long time (see a minute or two) to get booted up, and it takes about 45 seconds to come out of sleep on our laptop and about 30 seconds on the desktop. Our macbook pro takes about 2 seconds to come out of sleep, and about 10 seconds to boot up.

    Now, your computing habits can have a big impact on how well your windows machine runs. Out of the box there are usually all sorts of preinstalled extras running in the background hogging even more resources, and through surfing you can pick up spyware and such that take up even more, bogging down your processing speed. These things can be taken care of, but they're a little more difficult, and most casual users wouldn't even know how to get rid of them in the first place.

    I would say, generally speaking, a vista PC with similar specs as a mac is going to be slower, but it does depend on the user. Any PC has the potential to blow a mac out of the water, just like any mac has the potential to crash and burn like a PC. Just depends on who's using it.
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    You can check geekbench but again to give you an idea but it isn't the greatest comparision between different OSs. It is at least a ballpark benchmark.
    Home : Geekbench Result Browser

    It also depends on what you are trying to do. You aren't going to notice much speed difference browsing the web and watching videos. Playing games, encoding video, etc, yeah then you'll care.

    I always found this amusing too.
    MacBook Pro Is the Fastest Windows Vista Notebook - Apple - Gizmodo
    Admittedly in bootcamp Vista does feel snappy. And now that I have Parallels Vista seems to run pretty well in a Virtual Machine.

    I've played a few games on the windows side, older stuff like Command and Conquer and Homeworld - they play well. One day I'll have to throw Doom 3 on and see how the Macbook Pro does.

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    Well I did have my MB go 100 km/hr once ....... It was flying sitting beside me in my hotted up V8, but my mates MBP could only pull about 80 km/hr in his six so there is a little bit of comparison there ..... Depends on your wheels Sorry hard to refuse lol

    Back to subject ........ I do like what ^^^^ others have said, they have basically hit the nail on the head

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