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    Hey first off i'm new here, so hi my name is John and i'm still new to the world of Mac! Got my first Macbook for my birthday and my goodness what a pleasure it is to use, i adore it!

    Anyway now to the little problem, someone was passing a drink over my lap and a tiny tiny little bit of the fluid landed upon the trackpad which i cleaned up VERY quickly. The trackpad works more or less fine but every now and again the left click doesn't work as smoothly, like it will take a few clicks for it to work so i thought ok maybe it's sticky? But if i go to system preferences and literally just click on a setting (literally just uncheck a box then check it again)...the mouse is 100% fine. It's like going into the settings wakes the left click up for half an hour.

    It all sounds very weird i know but if anyone could help me figure this out i would be much appreciated, i'm starting to wondering if i accidentally changed the settings at some point, who knows?

    Thanks for any help, it is very much appreciated!



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    is it still under warranty? maybe go to the nearest applestore ^^\

    ps , welcome to the forum

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    Yeah it should be Any ideas if they would charge at all? I remember when i had a dell laptop they were TERRIBLE with stuff like this, terrible!

    And thanks

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    I'd try my best to use a Q-Tip type of thing with bit of alchohol on it to clean around the edges, myself i'd take it apart as I feel comfortable with the disassembly of my own electronics and clean it from the other side. Most people would probably bring it back to the apple store and see what they could do for you.

    As for advice. Always keep any liquids far away from your electronics especially your apple products
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