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    Symbols coming off of left side of Macbook
    I have recently noticed that the symbols like the one by where the magsafe charger plugs in and where the ethernet cable plugs in are fading. Is this a problem or is it just from use? I'm pretty sure It won't have any effect on my Macbooks performance right? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I'm assuming you are talking about the printed label symbols near your Mac ports? If they are fading it's probably because you are touching the symbols when plugging cables in and out which will slowly fade it with all the rubbing. It's not a cause for concern unless you don't know which port is for what.

    Even so most cables have a unique shape so they won't fit into a different type of port. Also if you still have your owner's manual then it will tell you what port is for what type of connections.

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    Wash your hands more often. It's the oils on your hands that is causing this.

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