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    Computer shock, trackpad not working
    I recently touched my computer near the trackpad and got shocked by the computer. The trackpad barely works anymore. Does anyone know what's going on? I plan on contacting Apple in the morning, but just trying to find some info out tonight?

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    Sounds like something shorted in the trackpad. I'd imagine that if it's new, and there weren't any external influences exerted upon it (for example, liquid spills), there must be some kind of defect and they'll happily repair it.
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    Yea no spills from anything. I have the 3 year warranty too, but the problem is that I am a student and need my computer for a lot of work. So I really don't have the time to send it in a get it fixed. Is it possible they can give you a loner?

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    Apple does not provide loaners. Just take it on in (make an appointment first) and ask them if it's possible to do a quick turn around for you. They may wind up giving you a new machine so be sure to backup everything before taking it in. Use Time Machine to backup to an external HDD.


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