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    Mar 29, 2010
    I have a macbook which had a 60gb hard drive, 60gb wasn't enough!
    so i got a 500gb and ghosted the image of the 60gb hard drive to my 500g, all works good except i have 60gb of stuff on my hard drive its says my whole hard drive is full even though its a 500gb hard drive ..:S'
    help please .!

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    Ghost really isn't intended to be used with HFS partitions. I'm surprised it actually worked and yielded a bootable system.

    I would recommend formatting the 500GB drive and using SuperDuper! to do the clone.
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    Carbon Copy Cloner is much better for moving OSX data around.
    Ghost sometimes seems to do weird things on Macs (Although it seems to work perfectly well for copying/restoring a single Windows partition).

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    err than ghost that is, nothing wrong with SuperDuper.

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    Feb 25, 2010
    So how exactly does the carbon copy cloner work?? Does it create a fully bootable copy of your HD onto another HD?? The reason i ask is i have a similar problem i have a 160gb HD in my mac mini and want to swap it for the WD HD in my external (500gb) so can i easily make the external a clone/ghost drive then pull the Drive out of the external and simply swap them over or does that program create a unbootable image of your HD??

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    Carbon copy cloner and superduper will both make a bootable clone of your HD.
    So easy way is to clone your internal to your 500GB external, and then just plonk it in and you are up and running.

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