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Thread: Buying a mac

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    Buying a mac
    Hey, I'm planning on buying a mac. I've realised I need one for music production as Logic Pro only runs on OSX. So yeah, I was aiming to spend around 1500 but that can be stretched if sensible. I'm edging towards a laptop as the portability would be beneficial. So yeah, what would you recommend I buy and why? Oh and if a desktop is more sensible, which should I go for?

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    Desktops will be easier to work with, in my opinion. Notebooks are great for some things, not so great for others, and AV work is one of those things they're not so great for IMO.

    Honestly? I'd say shoot for a refurb Mac Pro.

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    I think I'd go for an iMac because the lack of a pc tower would be pretty convenient. Erm, is it worth spending the extra 250 or so for the quad core and slightly better graphics card?

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    As an investment, the quad core will over time work out to be a good deal.

    In the short term (or if you plan to replace this new Mac within the next few years) present music software doesn't yet take a WHOLE lotta advantage of that chip yet.

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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    If portability is the go, then I would be going for one of the high end 15' or 17' Macbook Pros.
    When it comes to the hardware side of things, as you can always purchase external hardware for inputs/outputs as needed, they all do the job just fine.
    For me it's the cluttered screen with the 13" Macbook that I use which bothers me, and find myself needing to connect to an external monitor when avallable when doing recordings, especially when mastering.

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