My daughter spilled a small amount of tea (no sugar) on the keyboard of a G4 OSX-10.4 iBook. Now, at startup, we get a completely blank gray screen and it sounds as if it's searching the hard drive repeatedly (quiet clicks). After about two minutes the screen goes black for a half-second or so, then comes back gray with a small icon of the Finder folder in the middle, with a blinking question mark replacing the little two-faced Finder guy every second or two. I removed the keyboard and the perforated cover plate over the RAM board and didn't see any trace of liquid contamination. It appeared that the tea only got under the left end of the keyboard and left a very small (one drop) tan deposit on the left end of the metal cover plate to the left of the RAM board cover. I know this looks like many other posts but the fact that we don't get the usual Apple startup screen with the spinning wheel seems like a significant difference. It has enough smarts left to spin CDs and DVDs (and then kick them out) and bring up the Finder folder icon, and that suggests to me that it might be brought back to life. By the way, I don't have a battery in the iBook - that's with my daughter at college, along with the OS install discs. The wife brought the iBook back from a school visit this weekend. Suggestions are welcome!