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    Hyper-sensitive macbook mouse button - ungh
    I recent left the cult of Gates after 13 years and I'm in my first mac - a factory refurbished macbook pro

    im about 5 weeks in and my button is hypersensitive - it double or even quadruple clicks, and / or highlights when i seemingly click once

    this is especially problematic when trying to delete just 1 email and 2, 3 or 4 get deleted

    ive kind of messed around in system preferences but cant seem to find info for just the button, it seems all to do with the trackpad itself

    to clarify, im talking the lowest button, below the trackpad - not sure if thats still considered trackpad?

    ive looked thru the forum but haven had much luck finding help

    any suggestions?


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    Take it in for warranty, if bought refurbished from apple it have 1 year (i think) they will replace it if it isn't physical damage i.e. pushed down too far and snapped.
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