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    Macbook Error pickup macbook

    When i pick my macbook up by the corner (so there is some strain across the macbook) i occasionally get a error message of 'you need to restart your computer, hold down the power button for several seconds or press the restart button' Any ideas why this is happening? I think it may be something 2 do with the chip board bending, but surely it was designed to stop the strain on the chip boards... hmm


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    Yes, it's very likely strain on the internal components. If picking it up unsupported by the corner makes it crash, the best solution is to not do that ever again. You could seriously damage your computer by constantly flexing the internals. The components on a notebook board are surface-mounted and are considerably easier to break off than on a desktop board. Not that I'd suggest flexing one of those either :p

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    +1 Jamie-Jamie.

    For whatever reason, your chassis is not quite strong enough not to flex a little when picking it up with one hand, SO DON'T unless you want to turn that computer into a paperweight in fairly short order.

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