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    Clearing Macbook HDD for resale?

    I recently changed my Macbook HDD.

    The old one is a 250gb - I know it's not worth big money, but I'm going to put it on ebay, anyway, to help my dwindling finances.

    My question is: What should I do with it? It's currently configured to a dual boot with OS X and XP.
    My initial idea is to pop it back into the Macbook, put the Apple disc in and reformat it.
    Should I put a new install of Leopard onto it? Or just wipe it clean?
    Also, I think the Macbook sees the HDD as two HDDs (OS X and XP), can I run the utility to just wipe the whole thing, or do I have to do them individually? And if so, how do I make it back into one single HDD?

    Any advice welcomed. Thanks in advance CB

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    You should pop it back in the MacBook, boot from your bootable backup or system restore DVDs, and use Disk Utility to completely zero out (under "security options") the drive and bring it back to one partition.

    Format it as FAT32. This way it is readable "out of the box" by both Mac and PC potential buyers.

    DO NOT put any software on it. Not OS X, not XP, nothing. Leave it blank.

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    I would attach it to your MacBook via USB either with an adapter or external carrier. Use Disk Utility to wipe it clean securely with one pass. Do not put OS X on it as that would be violating the Apple EULA. Leave the drive blank and let the buyer worry about putting an OS on it.


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    Many thanks for your replies.

    Most helpful.

    Will wipe and sell on without any OS X. Thanks for FAT 32 tip. Unfortunately, haven't got the necessary cable, so it has to go back in to be worked on - but top marks to Apple for making it SO easy to work on.

    Thanks again, CB

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