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    Mac Help
    Hi i just got a mac a little over a week ago as I wanted to move away from windows, I need help with the following.

    Is there a programe like windows movie maker, see what I want to do is put music on youtube, i.e album cover as the image and then the track in mp3 format, on WMM it was a case of dragging the audio and image and publishing, very easy but im struggling on the imovie.

    finally, is there a programme I can watch movies? I used to download movies from various sites, and they would be in 7 parts, so I would open them in winrar then compress them, so It linked them altogether so i could watch it, on VLC Player?

    anyone plz help

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    iMovie is what you use to make films, yes. It's a cut above Windows Movie Maker. As for playing movies, DVD Player does allright for this. Buy your movies from the store. It's illegal to download things and you can't talk about doing that here.

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