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Thread: I gotta gripe

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    I gotta gripe
    How come sometimes the mouse works links with one click and other times you need to double click. I'm a Mac newbie fresh off a t60 thinkpad and don't get it. I just lost a bid on eBay at the last second because when I clicked 'comfirm' on my winning bid nothing happened. By the time I noticed it it was too late. Is there any way to configure the mouse to one click everything or am I stuck with Windows 3.1 technology with this MacBookPro??
    Pardon my huff...I'm still a little steamed.

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    On OSX be sure the application is active. Otherwise it will take two clicks, one to highlight the active application and another to click on the icon. If that is not the issue, not sure what is up as I do ebay auctions all the time and wait till the very last 30 seconds and then bid and don't have that issue.

    Ebay though of late has been working a bit strange with Safari going backwards to the listings. If this keeps happening try installing Firefox and see if you still have your issue.

    Ebay icons are all one click. Desktop icons require double click stock.

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    I think you hit the nail on the head. I had two windows open. One with the countdown and the other with the 'confirm' link in it. The count down window must have been the 'active' window and clicking the link in the other window only made the window active. Said the skunk when the wind changed...'it's all coming back to me now'. Thank you for the lesson and great advice about Firefox.

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