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Thread: DVI Port

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    DVI Port

    I've recently purchased a DVI to VGA Cable for my MacBook and a VGA cable to HDMI so I can connect my MacBook up to my HD TV which I was understanding would be possible and easy!

    Clearly doesn't seem like that to me so far.

    Is there something I need to do to enable output on the DVI port or does it simply not work?

    Or could it be a faulty cable by the fact it should just work?

    I'm unsure myself some help would be appreciated.

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    Why are you not going from DVI to HDMI? Maybe I am missing something...

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    Agreed. You're losing the digital signal along the way when you bridge them like that.
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    If you purchased a VGA to HDMI cable, you have been scammed. Such a cable will simply not work. A converter is required to go from 'analog' VGA to 'digital' HDMI. And you really don't want to do that if any other option is available to you.

    Please see this thread.

    Read the first post there and then with a little more information, maybe we can help make some sense of it.
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