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    Different chargers? harm?
    quick question.

    I have a macbook pro 2.33 and my girlfriend has a macbook pro with a 2.4 processor.

    Her charger itself is smaller (the block, mine's more a rectangle and hers is a square). curious as to if there's any harm to either of our computers if we use each other's chargers.

    Just a quick question.

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    I've used my gf's macbook charger with my mbp before and there's never been an issue...

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    As long as the Watts and ends are the same you should be fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZorroAMG View Post
    I've used my gf's macbook charger with my mbp before and there's never been an issue...
    Me too I use a charger from a Macbook on my MBP, No bubbles no troubles.
    I think mine is even a generic charger off ebay.

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