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    Question: Running Multiple DVI displays.... Anyone Do this??
    Right now I have a Mac Book Pro with Snow Leopard. I am running 1 dvi display off of my Macbook. So my setup its two displays the main laptop screen and the dvi display that is plugged into my mini display port.

    IS there any way to run two additional displays? My parents have two extra 22" lcds and they are looking to get rid of them. I play a lot of online poker and I like to play 6-9 tables at once so this would be a huge help.

    If anyone knows anything or has heard of any products that would solve my problem let me know I would appreciate it.


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    There are some products out there which permit you to use the USB port to connect additional monitors to your Mac using the USB port. Here's a review of one of them. you would need one for each monitor you wish to connect. ATPM 15.08 - Review: OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter.

    There are also other options from companies such as Matrox that allow connecting multiple monitors Matrox Graphics - Solutions - Mac

    There are other options out there so I am sure others will chime in with additional options.

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