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    Titanium 15" just spins the grey startup for ever
    my laptop just spins the grey start up screen for like 10-20 minutes then goes to blue screen for another 10 20 minutes then if turns on... screen just goes back to blue... uh oh? i did drop it pretty good...

    i prammed it and wonder where the other goodies are to try repairing b4 i take it to the back yard and fill a dirt hole with it
    thanks for the help

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    Down Under :D
    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    You can try rehousing the Ram, as it may have been dislodged.
    Otherwise, it sounds like your logic board may be damaged.... especially as you say you "did drop it pretty good"

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    just to settle the open thread... it was not so much a drop as a beating! little melt down... my students giggled heheheeh

    i opened the ram area and noticed the black fragile connectors that bridge the ram to the logic board where broken... and kinda screwed up... one of those ram holders has been unable to read ram for years now so it had to be replaced anyway... the computer eventually did turn on and had random moments of lucidity but could at any point just go to blue screen and reboot process over and over again... this (love my desktop macs) but hate this laptop... wonder if its worth anything...
    thanks guys

    oh where would i get the parts to fix this if i chose to or does the logic board need to be replaced due to some design condition

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    Titaniums had pretty weak RAM clips as I recall, good call 6string ...

    As for value ... call me cynical, but I don't think those machine have much value unless they're in pristine condition, and yours (evidently) isn't.

    You're overdue for a lovely new MacBook or MacBook Pro IMO.

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    omg no u did not suggest i by another laptop.... bad bad man... heheheh

    seeing as how the new adobe suites will only be workable on intel based macs (thanks (*&%$Y#@ers) it looks like im forced to purchase yet another comp that i dont need... maybe a intel mini... im just going to steal it from the apple store heheheheh jk... or am i hmmmmmmm

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    Wink mine is a macbookbookpro intelbased late 2008 version
    seems to have similair problem to yours, tied all the good possible ideas found on this great forum nothing seems to work. starts, chimes a happy chime but remains on the gray screen with fruitylogo just spinning away happily without ever starting.... Problems started out of the blue after crashing and freezing acoulpe of times till i had to force it to shutdown with the startbutton.
    altough I really love my caddilacmac I,m seriously thinking of burrying it in the backyard... hope someone has a forgotten solucion nobody bothers to try anymore... feel like taking it apart and checking all the wiring, videocards, boosting the RAM und upping all possible drives and memories like a genuine dr frnkstn just to prove that its not died on me yet!

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