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    Mar 19, 2010
    Exclamation MBA(rev a) - orig. Hard disk wont boot!
    Macbook Air (rev A)
    80gb HDD

    Bought a new Kingspec SSD
    Followed the hard disk replacement instructions at
    Needless to say, the SSD did not work
    RE-INSTALLED the 80gb HDD

    Laptop is all put back together, problems is now the hard disk wont spin up, thus the macbook wont boot...

    Help Please !!!!

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    I would take it out and reinstall the HD, for starters, making sure everything is where it should be, screws are where they are meant to go, and nothing looks out of place. It could be as simple as not seating the HD home all the way. It only takes a fraction of it to be out and as you have found out, it wont boot up ...
    Dont know much about the Airs but this is what i would try first. A complete pull out and reinstall.
    With the info you have supplied this is my only recommendation ATM

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