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    Help with connecting Macbook pro to a TV
    I have a newer macbook pro and am trying to connect it to my Sony Wega TV (its from 04). I am using a mini display to dvi adapter then a dvi to hdmi cable. I have gotten the screen to work twice out of a handful of times and both times the picture lasted about 2 mins then went black and I could not get the picture to come back. Does anyone know what is going on and if possible how I could make this work?? Thank you.

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    is this tv attached to a stereo receiver? and is the laptop direct to tv or to stereo as well? if direct to tv input might be wrong.

    laptop to tv? white dvi adapter to hdmi only ? why both ? try mini to hdmi ...not sure what the wega is but you might need this...

    Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.)

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    See the following thread - try the different steps in Item # 1 of the 2nd post.

    There is also the possibility that an '04 model Sony just does not provide the proper EDID (info) to a computer. Quite a few of those first year model HDTVs would not work properly with computers, or would work with Windows, but no other OS.

    Can possibly provide more help with the model number of your Sony.
    Your issue is typical of a bad connection, adapter or cable.
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