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    Increasing screen real estate on 13" MBP
    Hey folks,

    I just picked up my second mac, a 13" MBP that I'm going to use for work travel/plane trips and such. I love it, and the 1280x800 resolution is generally just fine.

    I'm curious though if there are any tools/utils that I can run to "virtually" increase the screen resolution a bit? I find that if I set Safari's zoom level out a notch it looks a lot better, and the same for some other programs.

    That said - is there any software out there that can globally shrink all of my OS's rendering a tad?


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    The problem with increasing screen resolution upward from the native resolution is that you'll begin to run into distortion or an out of focus picture.

    There are several third party apps which can change or alter resolution to your taste, but from what I've read about them the results are not all that great.

    Here's one for $14.00. LINK


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