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    Hey guys,

    Recently a good friend of mine donated me an old "broken" iBook G4 he was given buy a family member to fix and keep,

    But he gave to me to fix and use as a file server cause id been ranting on about building a FreeNas box for days,

    Got her home plugged her in and with no real expectation hit the power button and Buuuuuung! got the chime of new life!

    Even better i got a login screen too!

    Although it was password protected so i did a fresh install of leopard and it worked like a charm...


    The hard drive died on me a couple weeks in.. i figure that's what was wrong with it in the first place so i threw in an old 40 gig IDE drive i had lying around and she lives again!

    In all honesty it works Great as a file server
    My only gripe is the lack of gigabit ethernet other than that its great, it boots up automatically at 7:30 and shuts down at 1 in the morning..

    It streams video to my xbox 360 using a program called rivet,
    Runs uTorrent,
    and shares my 1 TB Hitachi desk star with my entire network!
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