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    Macbook Pro Won't Boot
    I was watching a movie and had other windows open in my Macbook Pro 2.5ghz 4gb Ram Snow leopard and the color wheel appears and its impossible to remove and when i restarted the computer stayed in the gray boot screen i have restarted it many times i even tried the disk utility but i cant fix the macintosh hd because it says there is an invalid count/node. When I try to install mac os x a red question mark appears in the hard drive and it says you cannot install mac os x on this volume. Mac osx canot start up from this volume. The picture below shows it. Somebody please help me im really worried.

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    In order to attempt to repair the hard drive you must boot from your Snow Leopard install DVD. You can not repair the hard drive while it's mounted or the system is in use.

    Boot the machine using your Snow Leopard DVD, cancel out the install process, and select Utilities, Disk Utilities from the Top menu. Select the First Aid tab and run Verify and Repair on the hard drive. If it won't run or there are irresolvable errors, that probably means your hard drive died.

    If your machine is still under warranty or Apple care, contact Apple support or make an appointment with your local Apple Store genius to look at if for you.


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